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I'm sinking my teeth in.

Brian Gunderson
Saint Louis, Missouri USA
I am the owner at

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I have been playing guitar for over ten years, and I teach beginning guitar to all ages. In lessons, I focus on a mix of sheet music and playing by ear in order to bring together the discipline of music theory with the excitement of playing the music that compels us to learn more. You can listen to sounds I've captured on my SoundCloud account featured below.

I blog under the title "Info Wrangling". Some things I most frequently post about are communication, technology, and Saint Louis.

In 2014, I have been working on Harvard's CS50x through I was introduced to the course by LaunchCodeSTL, and I've met some great people. The coursework has been challenging and has pushed me to think more clearly.

In 2011, I participated in a farming apprenticeship with EarthDance in Ferguson, Missouri. We planted, grew, and harvested. I'd like to grow a garden when I move to an apartment or house that has space for it. Until then, I love connecting people to resources for learning more about food and growing. One of my favorite resources in the St. Louis area is the seed library at Local Harvest Grocery, maintained by Becca of Wild Gourd Farm.


I wanna make what's needed. I want to be healed and heal others and our world.